Saksofonista Milan Savić, član Beogradske filharmonije, bendova Saxophonedzie, Soul Kitchen i Smooth and Spicy. Jazz, soul, lounge, house muzika. Klubovi, privatne žurke, venčanja, svadbe, mesta su gde izvode svoj bogati repertoar.


Soul Kitchen is made up of a group of musicians who gathered around the idea of ​​playing energetic funk, r’n’b and soul music in a way that is not disturbed by strict arrangement frames. They perform each song in a special way inspired by audience energy and mood on stage. The band was formed in 2015, with small member changes, but the basic idea has remained the same: that the audience have a great time with famous songs, but with a lot of improvised moments. The members of the band are Sanja Bogosavljevic, vocals, Marko Vlahovic, vocals, Kristijan Mlacak, jazz saxophonist who besides subtle jazz improvisations, plays an energetic funk parts, Milan Savic is a professor of classical saxophone, and also the leading funk saxophonist, Predrag Kozomar, versatile jazz guitarist, Aleksandar Buzadzic - Buzge, a renowned keyboard player, but also a professor, Srdjan Dunkic - Johnny, an experienced drummer known for his explosive style on drums and double pedals, and Dragan Ivanovic, a bass player from Kotor, known as DragAn. All members cooperated with a large number of pop, rock and jazz stars from Serbia and the region, and Soul kitchen is their joint project, which everyone perceives as a medium of easier and richer musical expression. As friends and guests, on the stage often appear: Andrej Martinović, keyboardist and piano professor, Luka Puletić, top young guitarist, Branislav Gluvakov, guitarist of the popular rock group, Dragan Gaga Krstić top drummer, Max Kočetov, jazz saxophonist, member of Big Band RTS and many others.

Sanja Bogosavljević, vocal
Marko Vlahović, vocal
Kristijan Mlačak - Kris, tenor sax
Milan Savić - Savcho, alto sax
Srđan Dunkić - Džoni, drums
Dragan Ivanović - DragAn, bass
Aleksandar Buzadžić - Buzge, sinth
Predrag Kozomara - Peca, guitar


  • Soul Kitchen 1
  • Soul Kitchen 2
  • Soul Kitchen 3
  • Soul Kitchen 4
  • Soul Kitchen 5
  • Soul Kitchen 6
  • Soul Kitchen 7
  • Soul Kitchen 8
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